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Music is our passion
Dynamite 36, a very young Tuscan band both in terms of composition and age.
Started like everyone with cover songs by already established artists where their genre leans towards Pop Rock trends, to appreciate their musical evolution in a short time (June 30, 2020 date of their first year together). Their artistic journey was born on the school benches of the Liceo Musicale Polo Bianciardi in Grosseto, where Tommaso (Vocalist) brought together the various members of the group. After a few live evenings, including an experience abroad (Holland, Amsterdam) they focused on the composition of their first unreleased single "LA RAGAZZA DEL CAMPO" released on July 26, 2020. The long pandemic period didn't help the young musicians but always with enthusiasm in the summer of 2021 participated in various regional and national competitions: " Festival Summer Star " (Brescia) best live performance, " Dilettando " ( Grosseto ) winners of the talent, " Musica è " (Rome) best live performance, "Cantagiro" Tivoli national final, special mention as best youth band and runners-up in the band category. With passion they continue with their live shows and in June 2022 they publish their second unreleased “OGNI NOTTE". September 2022 after various selections passed online and a live Pre Casting in Milan make their TV debut on Sky one at the XFACTOR audition stages.
Their desire to make music and gain experience has no end and with great pleasure they participate in AREA SANREMO in November 2022. After various auditions with more than 600 candidates, they enter the final and win AREASANREMO, entering the top 20 emerging artists of Italian music selected by it competition commission headed by the artistic director Amadeus.
DYNAMITE 36 are: keyboardist Raffaele Faralla (18 years old), bass Niccolò Governi (22 years old), guitar Francesco Bezzini (18 years old), drums Nicola Giomi (18 years old) and voice Tommaso Ninci (19 years old) all components are multi-instrumentalists .
mobile 3470127797   email: dynamite36band@gmail.com
Tommaso Ninci
( voce)
Niccolò Governi

Nicola Giomi

Francesco Bezzini
Raffaele Faralla
Our first objective will be to complete the album with the various singles
That will be added to the song just published. Being still very young in composition and age we will invest our best time in musical research
with the intention of improving both individually and as a group.
Those who want to listen to our music can follow us on our social networks or contact us always
through the same for live concert.

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